• A new way to discover investable ideas

  • Discover investing ideas based on venues near you

  • Discover investing ideas based on things around you

  • Discover investing ideas based on current market pulse

  • Discover investing ideas from gurus in the industry

About us

Investable was founded by a small team of passionate investors & technology optimists. To say we are obsessed about investing is putting it lightly :-) We were inspired at a very young age by Warren Buffet and his investing wisdom - and we truly hope we can get him to check out our app someday.

Our mission is to help re-imagine how people discover investing ideas, analyze ideas and eventually make informed decisions on whether to purchase or sell a stock. We want to make investing a fun, engaging & hopefully profitable experience for everyone. We are in very early innings of realizing this mission. 

We are excited to finally bring it to market (invite only for now), allow passionate users to try it out, give us early feedback and join us on our mission. We are just getting started and plan to continuously iterate with refinements till we hit product / market fit.

We hope you’ll like it. And we look forward to your feedback.

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